Not just yet another theme suite

Numix is all about making a difference in theming. We aim to prove that "difference" and "usability" are two words combined, that can make sense. You get a modern and stylish desktop, spiced up with a pinch of warmth just enough to make you feel like laying in your favourite comfy armchair, with a beverage of your choice in hand.

If you wanna have a taste of a cuppa something different or just long for theming your desktop in a jazzy way, Numix might just be the thing you need. :)

Get Numix!

Live on the edge

We have made you repositories to easily install up-to-date releases of various Numix artworks.

If you use Ubuntu, add our Ubuntu PPA to get Numix packages. Fire up a Terminal and run the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:numix/ppa

For Fedora, Red Hat and OpenSUSE, we have setup repos on OpenSUSE build service.

Alternatively, if you are on Fedora, install Fedora Utils and run the following command in the Terminal:

sudo fedorautils -e install_numix

Show your

Designing and maintaining a visual brand ain't easy. We all have real lives and we work on Numix in our free time. If you wish to support our work, throw a few bucks at us. Donations do encourage us to spend more time on Numix. :)



The theme elements follow a modern design, with subtle shadow effects and roundness. We use Open Sans as our standard font.

Colour palette

Numix red (#d64937) is the standard accent colour in our colour palette. Other neutral colours are used in various UI elements in the Numix themes. Here is our colour palette with appropriate colours used in foreground text and background fill.


Icon design

Our icon themes use vivid colours and a unique design. We have established some guidelines for the icon themes to ensure beautiful and crisp looking icons. The icons are created purely with Open Source tools such as Inkscape.

Our team

We are a devoted team of three, from different countries across the world, collaborating to create the whole Numix experience.